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Billboard Party Starter Pro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Karaoke Microphone, Enhanced Bass, FM Radio, and Colorful LED Lighting, Indoor and Outdoor Sound Machine

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The Party Can Truly Begin with the Party Starter Pro Bluetooth Wireless Speaker from Billboard

When the long work week is finally over and the weekend is upon you its time to break out the brews, good tunes, and great times. And nothing brings it all together quite like the Billboard Party Starter Pro Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. Combining the very best sound quality with LED lighting, Bluetooth connectivity, and true portability we help you create a party almost anywhere. From tailgating to beach trips to relaxing in the backyard with your friends, were helping you bring the party with you on every adventure.

Product Details:

      Party Starter Pro Bluetooth Speaker

      Seamless Wireless Connectivity

      USB Slot and Micro SD Support

      AUX-In, TF Card, and FM Radio

      Built-In Microphone Port

      Amplifier and Line Mixer

      Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

Hi-Fi Sound Experience

The line mixer, amplifier, and enhanced bass all work together to create a deeper, richer sound that pairs well with all genres of music. Perfect for indoor and outdoor parties alike.

Improved Connectivity
The addition of an AUX-in, TF and micro SD card slot, and USB port all give you more options for how youre listening to your favorite music, podcasts, and audio books.

Experience the Power of the Party Starter Pro

Imagine putting 4000-watts of intense party-boosting power into portable speakers you can take with you anywhere and youve got these Billboard speakers. We carefully designed them to produce epic sound and jaw-dropping bass in a travel-ready size that makes it easy to set up impromptu dance